The random graph, 4.


Schur complement

via Matrix identities as derivatives of determinant identities.

An introduction to special relativity for a high school math circle.

Readings for Math Teachers.

Topics in random matrix theory.

Multiple recurrence in quasirandom groups.

Ethnomathematics… in the Classroom.

MOOCs and Hype Again.

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There is not one but TWO MOOC revolutions going on. My new post at

Coming up for air (and spouting off).

Careers advice in Mathematical Sciences.

The closed graph theorem in various categories.

Spending symmetry.

H. C. Chan, \pi in terms of \phi: Some Recent Developments, Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference in Fibonacci Numbers, (2010): 17-25. Read Pi in terms of Phi (Fib Conf 2006).

H. C. Chan, \pi in terms of \phi, Fibonacci Quart. 44 (2006): 141–144. Read Pi in terms of phi.

H. C. Chan, More Formulas for \pi, Amer. Math. Monthly 113: 452-455. Read More formulas for Pi.

H. C. Chan, Machin-type formulas expressing \pi in terms of \phi, Fibonacci Quart. 46/47 (2008/2009): 32–37 Read Pi via Machin.

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First year students, beware! The axiom of choice may be used on Monday…

(As always, a big thanks to xkcd.)

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A computer-checked proof of the odd order theorem.

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