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H. C. Chan, \pi in terms of \phi: Some Recent Developments, Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference in Fibonacci Numbers, (2010): 17-25. Read Pi in terms of Phi (Fib Conf 2006).

H. C. Chan, \pi in terms of \phi, Fibonacci Quart. 44 (2006): 141–144. Read Pi in terms of phi.

H. C. Chan, More Formulas for \pi, Amer. Math. Monthly 113: 452-455. Read More formulas for Pi.

H. C. Chan, Machin-type formulas expressing \pi in terms of \phi, Fibonacci Quart. 46/47 (2008/2009): 32–37 Read Pi via Machin.

Hei-Chi Chan’s first book:

Book CoverWorld Scientific, May 25, 2011 – Mathematics – 236 pages
The aim of this lecture notes is to provide a self-contained exposition of several fascinating formulas discovered by Srinivasa Ramanujan. Two central results in these notes are: (1) the evaluation of the Rogers–Ramanujan continued fraction — a result that convinced G H Hardy that Ramanujan was a “mathematician of the highest class”, and (2) what G H Hardy called Ramanujan’s “Most Beautiful Identity”. This book covers a range of related results, such as several proofs of the famous Rogers–Ramanujan identities and a detailed account of Ramanujan’s congruences. It also covers a range of techniques in q-series.

Preview the book here.

What do you think of this paper? This is work inspired from my friend Hei-Chi Chan. Read the proof here.

Great guy and great mathematician. View some of his published papers.

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